Spark Vision and Values

Vision and Values: Staff Mission Statement

First and foremost Spark must be a sales orientated company doing everything it can to maximize students numbers.  For this reason we must be techy savvy utilizing all the modern tools to get to our potential customers online.  We must also invest in our students, spending our time to solve their queries and provide a personal touch as it this extra effort which will make them pick us out from among the pack.  Our team of managers, administrators and teachers must embrace this sales orientated culture and realize every extra effort or personal detail they make will make a difference as without that mentality we won’t reach our sales targets.  Our staff will understand the clear link between student numbers and stability and progress, be that of the company or themselves.

Being a sales’ orientated company doesn’t for one moment mean we will neglect quality but rather the contrary as for Spark to be a success all our clients must feel our service is personalized and that we aim to do our very best.   We will sell a quality orientated programme but in an honest and realistic way and our team will know we must deliver the very same product that we sell.  At Spark our foremost responsibility will be to our customers be them: individual adult students, parents of students, school groups or an organization sending us students and for this reason we will be a customer satisfaction orientated organization as much as we are a sales one.  Our team will understand that without sales we can’t run a quality programme and that likewise without delivering a high standard of service and customer satisfaction we likewise will not have the sales we desire.

At Spark we will ask a lot of our employees but we will also aim to give a lot back as we know our staff are our key investors in our enterprise and without their efforts Spark will not be the company we know it can be.  We will do our utmost to provide a motivational environment to work in and will sponsor, within our limits, professional development in all its shapes and forms.  We will operate an open door policy and staff will feel and know that their contributions and opinions make a difference.  Spark will strive to maintain a meritocracy and will within the limits of the industry and economic situation of the company, reward staff who go above and beyond in playing their part in making us a sales, customer and quality orientated organization.  However, likewise we will not shy away from disciplinary action if needed to maintain company values and quality.  We will believe in our staff and they will believe in us – greatness comes with teamwork.

At Spark we have several guiding mottos.  Below is a selection of the ones we feel in catch phrases define who we are and what we believe in:

  •  “Your learning, our passion”
  • “Our staff are our investors”
  • “Success is not left to chance”.
  • “Language learning is about bursting bubbles.”
  • “Our project, is your project”.
  • “Great people make great teams but even more true great teams make great people”.