Spark statement of intent

At Spark we will always deliver the highest quality of all of our services possible. Our clients will always receive an individualized yet fair treatment in any interaction with us. We will always seek to understand any question or issue from their point of view  and without sacrificing any of our pedagogical values and financial aims, our needs will come second to theirs.

To our students our top priority is to provide high quality classes so that every single student is offered the highest possible support and encouragement within the dynamics of our group classes to improve their English ability as well as their personal skills. Our teachers will never forget that teaching involves not just teaching language knowledge and exam strategies, but it also, and sometimes more importantly entails guiding the students in such things as helping them to improve their behavior, self control and anger management as well as guiding them to develop certain social skills, such as helpfulness to others and making friends. Our teachers will never give up on a student and will always seek what THEY can do in order to give the student the support they need.

To all of our clients and especially our students’ parents, our top priority is to provide excellent client attention in which they know they will always be treated with respect, patience and individual attention, so that they feel informed about their child’s progress, in all of the areas mentioned above. We will furthermore always show understanding to the queries, worries or practical concerns they might have and we will never presume the service that we provide is more important than other aspects of their lives. We will always serve with the customer’s needs in mind and seek to find a “third way” to issues, resulting in a win-win situation.

With our staff our main goal is to lead them on their way to greatness so that they are given the inspiration and guidance to keep developing to become a better teacher and person each time. At Spark we believe that a team member’s role is not limited to teaching only and we continuously strive to lead our team to become better educators both inside and outside the classroom. Our team will always remember that our students’ and their parents’ needs will always have to come before theirs and that modern life asks for constant reevaluation and readjusting in order to serve those we provide a service to better each time. Our staff will never forget that the secret of being great lies in the ability to take responsibility for their attitude with which they approach an issue and ultimately for the outcome of a situation, so that they too can appreciate hat a hurdle is only an opportunity to learn and progress.