Spark is an innovative company aiming to deliver a full language learning experience for its clients learning Spanish and English. Spark offers many great work experience opportunities, including:

  • Full time employment opportunities for both Spanish and English teachers but are looking for teachers who wish to combine these responsibilities with: marketing, web design, reception, event organization and other responsibilities.
  • We also have positions for individuals wishing to work full time in marketing and sales and other office responsibilities.
  • We offer aupair and demi-pair programmes, work experience as well for those looking to combine work with learning Spanish.
  • We also have other opportunities for people to promote our programmes as Spark Ambassadors
  • To apply for any of these positions please go to our online application form..

What type of company is Spark to work at?

Spark is young dynamic company dedicated to the field of education.  Our principal business areas are Spanish and English teaching but we also have a small translation service.  Everyone at Spark is a current or past teacher, meaning we genuinely believe in our selling slogan “your learning, our passion“.  Our team are young with our eldest members in their early 30s and the medium age being early 20s.  We are full of energy and see challenges as hurdles to be overcome rather than something to hold us up.  For our industry, we are quite tech savvy and are committed to making the most of modern technology, especially in areas of client attention and sales and of course teaching itself.  We are a hard working team who genuinely strive to produce a great experience for our students.  Having founded Spark in the midst of an international economic crises, we are also well aware that it is dedication, team work and most of all passion for what we do which is needed to carry us onwards and upwards.

What type of people are we looking for?

In general all candidates should be full of energy and be looking for work to be a passionate part of their life.  All candidate should also have an interest in language learning and enjoy working in people industry.  They must be someone who takes pride in their work and has a real ambition to be good at what they do.  Also to fit into our ethics, they should be someone who gets a genuine buzz from triumphing in their tasks.  We are looking for people to take the company forward rather than maintain where it is so definitely all Spark Staff should be people aren’t afraid of hard work in an enjoyable environment.  We believe we are good at spotting talent in people so don’t be afraid apply online now and join our team :).

Please go to our application form to apply for any of our positions.