English Teaching Staff

Inge Hol, TEFL DirectorEnglish TEFL Director

“I have been involved in TEFL Teaching since 2007 and TEFL Management since 2008.  My passion for educating is huge as is my love of developing children in a more general sense. At TECS-Spark I strive to be available at all times to the parents and children as well as being an active support for our teachers on day to day basis.

My Mission Statement

Patrick Alvarez, Assistant Director of Summer Camps

“I started working on summer camp in the summer of 2008, and from there I was hooked. img_1900I kept coming back summer after summer and once I had finished my engineering degree I jumped at the chance to join the year round team and be involved in the development and preparation of summer camps all year!

I am responsible for the programme, staffing and structure areas of our camps meaning that I prepare a lot of the content and themes of each of the camps and am responsible for finding and preparing our amazing camp managers and staff.

Working at TECS myself has made develop so much as a person and a professional over the years, and I believe has made me a better person. My main aim is to ensure that all of the campers and staff have the best summer ever, and that hopefully we can give them an experience that will last them much more than just this summer.”

My Mission Statement



Enrique Bodega Rodriguez, Director of Welfare and Parental Communication

img_1902“I first to came TECS Summer camps as a camper in 2008. After that summer I decided that I wanted to other kids the same great experience that I had and so applied to work. Over the years I have worked as an assistant welfare coordinator, welfare coordinator, and finally the overall responsible of welfare and parental communication.

I believe that, although having lots of fun and learning lots of English are important for kids on camp, I want to make sure that, most importantly, is that all of the kids on our camps are happy, safe and secure while they are with us, and that our staff care for the campers like they were their own kids or little brothers and sisters. ”


Gill Thompson, Director of Logistics

gill_thompson_1“I have worked on every year of summer camp since the first one back in summer 1998. I have seen TECS summer camps grow from a small one-camp organisation into the fantastic quality orientated unique 10 summer camps that we are now! I’m responsible for all of the behind the scenes things from working with other companies, to the setting up of the camps, the materials, buses, everything basically that isn’t directly to do with the kids but that is also very important for summer camp to be run smoothly. My objective is to ensure that everything from the sites we run the camps on to the excursions we go on to the t-shirts we give out to the campers are of a highest quality and help make TECS Summer Camps special.”

Douglas Haines, Director of Summer Camps

douglas_haines_1.png“I have worked on summer camps for every summer since I was 17. I have fulfilled a variety of roles in many different camps, including, stating just a few: working as a kitchen assistant in America, a monitor for PGL in France and Activity Coordinator and Director for TECS. I have never lost my passion for camp and believe whole heartedly that camp offers, for the right people, one of the most memorable summer experiences possible. As Director of Language Camps, my primary goal is to make sure the campers have a fantastic summer but I pursue this goal whilst also trying to play my part in making as many staff as possible have as enjoyable summer as I did the first summer I worked on camp”.

My Mission Statement

My Summer Camp Statement of Intent